Nortel Norstar MICS Key System working with Cisco VoIP System

I am interested in getting into the voice over ip arena and the first things I wanted to learn about are integration. Currently I have a nortel MICS with and E&M card and a cisco 2610 with and E&M card. That being said, is this the right way to integrate the older voice systems with the newer voip systems?

What other methods can you use to connect existing Key or PBX systems to a VOIP gateway like the 2610 with cards? Can you do it with ISDN, or T1? I am not really familiar with the concept of trunking or networking the older telephone systems with the new ones.

Any resources you can suggest for integration would be greatly appreciated.

I am also looking for some good training materials on the Norstar MICS and the Nortel Meridian Phone Systems, since the majority of the integration projects we will be doing will involve these telelphone systems.
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There are a few wyas that the MICS can be intergrated into a VoIP enviroment. I have installed a few hundred MICS/CICS and Meridian systems amongst others. There are a few devices that allow for extended the PBX to remote offices such as one by MCK. Then there are gateways from Intel (Dialogic) that will intergrate into a SIP/H.323 envirometn and actually drive the digital phones at remote sight (PIMG is the gateway from Intel).

Then you can use the BCM from Nortel to extend the system into a VoIP using the exsisting MEridan equipment. Also 3COM NBX has a 3rd party card that actuualy uses the Nortel phones instead of the 3COM NBX sets off the NBX100 and SS3 systems.

In regards to the Cisco routers and cards, you could easily set up E&M tie trunks between two Nortels using a setup such as:

Nortel E&M --> Cisco E&M -->Cisco Router VoIP-->Internet<--Cisco Router VoIP<--Cisco E&M<--Nortel E&M

Needless to say you could use analog FXO ports and T1/PRI also with the Nortel.

Can you explain a little more what your services will be for your clients?

Kindest regards

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harryyehAuthor Commented:
Hi Joel

Thanks for the quick response, this will definately help, So i can do the following?

Nortel T1 --> Cisco T1 -> Ciscou Router Voip ?

Also do you know of any good training materials for the Nortel MICS or Meridian MICS that I could buy? if you could send me an email to I have some other questions for training materials for you if you wouldn't mind.
harryyehAuthor Commented:
To follow up on what services we will be providing, they are really just integration projects. Since we manage most of their communication structures such as email, we figured it is time for us to get into voice as well. What I am finding though is the telephone systems are not very well documented and you have to go through the providers to get any training, not like going to and buying some books.
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Also this in addition to my previous post:

For training material your best bet woul dbe to order the latest docs for the systems. They are hard to find on the internet for free, but can be purcahsed from various vendors on the Internet selling manuals for various phone systems.

It sounds like that you folks are data system intergrators? I would recommend for you to learn as much as you can about the voice industry, I had a port a few days ago that went over some thoughts and ideas,

Something that I have noticed over the years, many Data/PC resellers have jumped into the market because of reduced profit margins on traditional network equipment and such. The impact of many of these companies jumping into the voice market slowed the growth and adoption rate of the technology.

Many folks, including EE's entire management, consider VoIP an extension of Networking. It is not, VoIP is part of IP Telephony, which in my humble opinion, is the transformation of the voice industry at all levels.
So jumping into the market does not only require finding the right system to sell, but more so, learning an entire new industry and mindset that generates $1 Trillion per year.

Some areas of study include:

IVR, Voice Mail, TTS, ASR, structured cabling ,BICSI, RCDD, FCC site, CALEA, 1996 Telecommunications ACT

Some books to study:

Newtons Telecom Dictionary, by Harry Newton

Guide to T-1 Networking: How to Buy, Install & Use T-1 From Desktop to Ds-3
by William A. Flangan

Here is a list of links to keep you busy this weekend:    basic overview of VoIP      basic telecom link    debug sample   all of IOS voice commands

MGCP rfc's below 


Just some general phone info:

First the new Toshiba CTX is fully IP enabled, but you get to use your existing phones and do need to change your cables. One of the previous comments talked about Artisoft, they have a decent product, but one issue, few resellers that know how to install a phone system.

The Mitel system is also a very good system, top 3 in the VoIP market today. Only issue with Mitel is the lack of certified dealers this is for various reasons which would take a page to explain.

I have been installing the Cisco product before Cisco purchased it. Works well, but the price point for 150 users is steep and I could not justify the cost.

3COM NBX has a good product, would work on a CAT5 cable plant running 10MB switched. Not keen though on the multi-site features.

Altigen, stay away, used them 1997 and sent system back, they still have many issues today and have the second worst rating for availability (system is down for at least 35 hours each year.

Avaya IP office, you think, hey its AT&T, they invented the phone right? Late in the game and have the worst rating for availability out of everyone.

Nortel BCM, great system, great multi-site features, lacks all the other bells and whistles some other systems have, but do you really need a feature called Zoomerang?

Vertical Networks all around great system, but made for the satellite office connecting to a traditional PBX at HQ.

ConvergenceCenter, SIP based system with fully integrated CRM, Business Management software, Knowledge base, IM, and email. Main issue with them is they are a newer company. But so was Ford at one point.

If you have any addtional questions do not hesitate to ask.

Kindest regards
harryyehAuthor Commented:
You are the man! Thanks!
Here are a few sights to look for manuals:

Avaya has all their docs online now for free, they took the Cisco lead a few years ago for documentation.

Also you can join the Nortel Dev program that allows for a good amount of infomration for about $500 per year.
harryyehAuthor Commented:
Hi Joel

So can this be done?

Nortel T1 --> Cisco T1 -> Ciscou Router Voip ?Internet<--Cisco Router VoIP<--Cisco T1<--Nortel T1
Yes it can, if you are looking to to enable tie trunks between sights, the best way would to config the router for static routes for the voice dial peers. Essentially a setup would be like:

Access tie trunk on Nortel by pressing 8, this would grab channel one of T1 which would be mapped to channel one of the remote PBX via the Cisco routers.

Kindest regards
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