Drag and Drop (or cut and paste) records from Access and Excel to my app

Hi everybody

I would like to be able to fill the contents of  a Delphi form from an Acess or Excel "record" preferably via drag and drop.

1. In Access I can do a selection of some rows and then copy it to clipboard and thence to wherever.. the clipboard contents MAY be in some special format, because when I  paste to a text editor the contents include a row with the field names.
How can I find out if this is some special format on the clipboard?

2. I would prefer to drag those rows from Access and drop them on my Delphi app. Is there any way of doing this?

3. Excel is not as nice as Access in that it does not give me the field (column) names in a simple copy and paste to text editor (and omits empty fields) , but because there is a "paste special" entry in the context menu, it makes me think that the copy on the clipboard should  contain significantly more info.

If so, how can I find out about this? Where is it likely to be documented .. I guess the more general question is how can I find what any app pastes to the clipboard, and in what format .. some sort of clipboard monitor?  I had a quick look at Tclipboard, butI am not sure if it detects all clipboard formats

4. Again, I would like to drag the selected rows from Excel to my app .. is there a way?

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You would need to find out more about OLE Drag and Drop then... Here are some links that might be useful to kickstart:

don't know the format of excell OLE Data (probably has severa different formats, the first being the richest)
but you can use this as a start for handling OLE drag&drop .. clipboard handling can be implemented in the same way

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Mutley2003Author Commented:

thanks for the feedback and the code (Lee).  DragonSlayer, fwiw, unitoops is now DropMaster at www.raize.com selling at $99

from experimentation, it appears that neither Excel or Access initiate a drag for a selected row. So I cannot drop what has never been dragged.

This seems very peculiar behaviour on the part of Office.

There is a somewhat useful article on the preferences of various Office applications for different clipboard formats at http://www.codeguru.com/Cpp/W-P/clipboard/article.php/c3015/

useful stuff there .. tnx :)
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