Cisco VPN resource suggestions

I have a setup to do for a client, and have decided on Cisco to use for the VPN solution. I'm a recent graduate of a CCNA academy program, so I’m familiar with cisco router/switch configuration and wan technologies..but! as most CCNA cats know, there is no VPN lab component included in cisco academy ccna curriculum, I’m fortunate that one of my teachers is letting me use the school's equipment to test out a Cisco VPN solution, he has suggested using either a 1711/1712 series router or a 1760 (which the school has a number of) I’m looking for some basic advice on where to proceed for resources (web links, Microsoft kb, cisco support site, etc) to get me started.

Here's the basic setup, client has two locations, needs to access an application that won't be rewritten for the web, it's interfaces with a win2k sql database, i figured the easiest solution for location 2 to access the app and the win2k sql db would be to create a vpn tunnel and then map a network drive. I'm still open to suggestions on changing this setup as well.

thanks in advance!

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you could also try:
(PIX info)
(security and VPN's)

Hopefully you are seeing a bit of a trend here and will use your imagination to try other combinations...
GigBitsAuthor Commented:
cool thanks, i got a lot of reading to do this week, but i have some equipmeny i can practice on at school
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