backup data from a hard drive which is making noise

I have a samsung hard drive and the problem is that it is making noise and i can't able to log on to windows.It just freezes in the middle.My question is that how can i backup the data from this drive.
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You can try using a utility like ghost, driveimage (both symantec) or acronis DiskDirector to make an image of the disk to a partition on a another disk (You can also directly clone the disk to the other one, if you like). If your lucky, this might work. If not, insert the drive as slave into a working system and copy your important files by hand.
you can try these softwares :                                    ontrack                  Easy Recovery                                    GetDataBack                                    Restorer 2000                        Restoration                        Active undelete                  pc Inspector
put this suspected-faulty drive into another PC and do a copy from there. and hope that most of the data can be accessed and backed up.
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A copy is good for files only, but operating system settings (registry etc.) won't be copied this way. Imaging software will do that.
I would suggest that you start out with checking your harddrive for errors,
there are several good harddisk scanners out there,
This is one of the best,
when you run it, if you get an error other that 0x00 it means that your drive has a physical error,
try this and see if you might be able to repair the drive instead.
Hope this works,

will clone one drive to another - free and simple
whatever you do - save your data before 'playing'
with the drive - you can play any time
i always wonder what the point is of cloning a bad drive? will the image work? i'm not sure, but you can take the chance. However, i recommend taking a copy of your documents, just to be sure.
the point of cloning a drive is to save or duplicate the files/system

it's not an image, it copies all the files to another drive
and it can do incremental copying, updates only changed files
which you can't do with an image without doing the image all over

i setup one harddrive exactly the way the company wants it
i install os, network, MSoffice, etc
and then clone the drive and use it to
set up a dozen other drives

it takes about 4 hours to set up the first one
and 30 minutes each to setup the next 12 drives
an exact duplicate of the first one

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