Winamp/WMP integration


is there anyway i can get the title of a song playing in winamp or wmp10 using ?
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For WMP, easer way is to embed it into your application, then you can easily control it
If you download the Windows media SDK there are nice easy classes to help you avoid having to use the embedded player and you also have a VERY comprehensive set of instructions for EVERY aspect of windows media player - PS the encoder is really good too.
 See link for more info
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shenlong_wcAuthor Commented:
hi biochemist,
seems like to write a plugin for wmp10 to draw out the title i need c++ , but i'm working with

hi armoghan,
the wmp link issn't exactly what i had in mind ... i need the files to be playing in the 'original' wmp10, not create a seperate player, but the winamp link was exactly what i needed

Thanks !

Ok the simplest way to get the title of the Song from Winamp is

Dim prc As Process() = Process.GetProcessesByName("winamp")
        For DOS_hwnd = 0 To prc.Length - 1

After wards you can substring to "- Winamp"
shenlong_wcAuthor Commented:
Oh i already found winamp's from the link you gave.
that was really helpful .
Is there anyway i can get it from wmp just as easily ?

if not i'll just accept your first reply.

Thanks !
Could not find any easy way of getting the Title.
One way is you can make a plug-in for WMP and then interact with it.

Also see this . It may make some sense to you as I could not understand if it can be helpful in finding the title or not
shenlong_wcAuthor Commented:
yeah i read that somewhere too but the problem in that the plugins are in c++ , and i've already returned all my c++ stuff to my teacher ... lol

that link is the same one as the second link, isn't it ? it's problem was that it required an embedded player, but i wanted to play my mp3 from the original wmp10 (no point rebuilding the whole wmp i think )

but anyway, thanks for your help.
accepted your first ans

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