Exchange Server 2000 freezing when running Veritas BAckup Exec with Dell Powervault Drive

My Exchange 2000 SP3 Server running on Windows 2000 Server SP4 seems to crash occasionally overnight when running the Exchange backup.  The server itself simply freezes i.e. mouse pointer doesn't move keyboard doesn't respond and it can't be ping'd.  It always seems to be when the individual mailboxes are being backed up and NOT when the Exchange databases are being backed up.  I am using a standard DLT drive shipped with the Poweredge 2600  (Dell Powervault 110T Drive).

Does anyone know why this is happening?
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Had Exactly the Same problem, Same Serve and Drive, Using Arcserve, Upgraded to Arcserve 2000 V7 and it solved the problem, there is a newer version of Arcserve for SBS 2000.

We tried Upgrading Firmware, Drivers Etc with no fix, so upgraded the software.

Even tried TapeWare same problem.

Hope this helps.

Do you both have the same virus checker as well?

Bricks backup is so processor and disk intensive that if there is a mailbox level virus checker then things often go wrong, you could experiment by stopping the mailbox virus scan (if you stop incoming SMTP or have a seperate scan on inbound email) or adjust the backup timing to ensure it doesn't coincide with the Exchange online maintenance period.
Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
if you have mcafee groupshield will need to contact mcaffee to update the engine....this update is not available in the normal site pages....they will have to talk to you to dermine if you need a patch or engine update.

I had this problem on SBS win2k with exchange 2000....the definitions for groupshield were no longer supported by the scan engine.  this caused the cpu to spike to 100% and no one could recieve emails...not to mention the backup would intermitently fail.  I spent 1hr and 20 min on the phone with mcaffee tech support and recieved the engine update link via email.

good luck.
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Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
check your task manager...if "store.exe" is using 100% of cpu...the above is likely the problem...if not..then disregard my comment.
ddh76Author Commented:
Happened again overnight last night.  Am not running McAfee unfortunately - just Symantec AV for Exchange.

Is this anything to do with the fact that I have mirroring on my disks?  RAID 1 Configuration with a DLT drive on the same controller or something like that?  Could this be a possibility?  Bit strange as I ordered it from Dell like this?

We have the Same Server and DLT Drive, So I wonder......

Dell Insisted that we had to have a seperate controller for the DLT Drive if we were Raiding the Drives Using the Perc4 Raid Controller (We have 3 Drives, Raid 5) on a Single Backplane.

The Card we were supplied was the Adaptec SCSI 39160/3960D Ultra 160.

It may be wise to try a SCSI card and see if that solves the problem.


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ddh76Author Commented:
My drive is internal.  Really not a hardware expert!

How would I go about fitting an internal DLT drive on a separate controller?
The card would be installed within the 2600, relatively easy process, no screwdriver required.

Follow the ribbon cable from the DLT to controller, Unplug this from the Controller and plug it into the new card.

Dependant on the SCSI  Card you obtain (remember it has to be the correct type EG Ultra 160) you may have to install the drivers for Windows.

Adaptec SCSI 39160 - Dell sell these at around £ 130.00
ddh76Author Commented:

Does it therefore have internal interfaces as well?

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