Access internet whilst on VPN and access VPN network


When connected to my works VPN, i cant access the internet, i think the computer thinks that the VPN connetion is the internet connection. What do I have to do to allow me to get on the internet?

Another Question, when connected to the VPN, which is run on Windows server 2003, the only thing i can access is the Server itself. It doesnt sem to be sharing the network.

Please help sorry much little points its all i have and this is very important
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these two quotations from may help.

Can't access the Internet while using VPN

Symptom: after establishing a VPN connection, you may not be able to access the Internet because the VPN takes over your existing connection and all traffic to use the VPN default gateway on the remote network. The remote network may not allow VPN clients to access the Internet via their gateway.

1) If you don't need to access the entire VPN resources, disable the "use default gateway on remote network" option in the properties of the VPN connection.  
2) Edit route table manually if you know how to or check routing page on this web site.
3) For the security reason, some firewall/routers like Cisco PIX do not allow access the Internet after establishing the VPN and you cannot modify the routing table. You may setup split-tunnel.

Unable to browse through PPTP/VPN connection
Symptoms: 1. If the WINS server is on the same computer as the PPTP/VPN server, and you attempt to connect to a computer using a PPTP/VPN client, you may experience following problem: 1) The NetBIOS name of the computer to which you are attempting to connect is not resolved. 2) You may receive an error message similar to the following error message: "System error 53 has occurred.  The network path was not found" when using net view or opening Network Knighthood.
2. If the WINS server is not on the same computer as the PPTP server and you attempt to connect to a computer using a PPTP client, you may be able to connect to computers on your local area network (LAN), but you may be unable to connect to network shares or resources on the PPTP server.
Resolutions: Inability to browse often means the client can't resolve NetBIOS names.
1. If this is a workgroup network, enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP on the server and clients.
2. If this is domain network and the WINS server is on the same computer as the PPTP/VPN server, move the WINS server to a different computer.
3. Add the NetBEUI protocol for your PPTP tunnel instead of, or in addition to, TCP/IP.
4. By default, most routers and firewalls prevent the transmission of NetBIOS names unless you enable UDP ports 137 and 138 and TCP port 139. Try to enable UDP ports 137 and 138 and TCP port 139 across all routers and firewalls between the PPTP/VPN client and PPTP/VPN server.
5. Make sure the client has correct DNS, WINS and Master Browser settings.
6. Make sure the default gateway points to the remote network rather than to the ISP.  
7. Some ISP might block ports required for NetBIOS name broadcasts.
8. If WINS address is not distributed upon connection to VPN, LMHOSTS should be configured to enable Domain to be located.
9. If you try these techniques and the client still can't browse, try to use UNC to connect to the remote resources by ip, for example, use the net use h: \\serverip\sharename command.

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