Compact Workspace by script

Hi Guys
We have a workaraound solution to a problem with one of our Notes applications. The solution is to delete the database icon from the Workspace, compact the Workspace and then re-add the database. The trouble is that some of our user aren't too good within Notes (putting it nicely) and they end up deleting the Workspace, bookmarks and anything else they can find!
Is there any way we can write a button or similar that will do the three operations automatically? The remove icon and add icon seem to be fairly easily accomplished but I am struggling with compacting the Workspace.
Any help would be greatfully received.
This is fairly urgent so 500 points available!
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Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
Put this in a button, on a memo, send it to the user

@Command( [WindowWorkspace] ) ;
@Command([FileOpenDatabase]; "Your Server":"yourDatabase.nsf" );
Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
Oh, and add
@PostedCommand([FileOpenDatabase]; "Your Server":"yourDatabase.nsf" );

again after that.
Matt_JonesAuthor Commented:
Yeah, that works fine for deleting an icon and adding it back on, but the problem I am having is that I need to Compact the workspace before adding the database back and I can't find a command that will let me do this. Unfortunately, your code does not include this functionality either.
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Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
OK, I can probably write a new solution, but you'll need R6 to run it
Matt_JonesAuthor Commented:
Sorry - still no good. We're running R5. Any suggestions?
Copy ncompact.exe to Notes directory and write a bat file which uses this command

ncompact desktop5.dsk -B

PS: This might ask for user password. to avoid this set the property to share password with other notes-based app in user security settings.


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ncompact.exe exists on all workstations, no need to copy it in.

I've found that compacting the desktop using ncopact.exe can sometimes lead to corruption, so forewarned is forearmed.
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