Packages on e drive in delphi 6

I have delphi 6.02 installed on my e drive. I have a number of third party packages installed also on the e drive. Every time delphi starts up is complains it can't find these packages. When I open the installed packages list they are unchecked, when I click on them I get the same message. _But_ if I then readd the same bpl's, the packages are they ticked in the list and everythings fine. Why won't it load these at startup?

Thanks, Tom.
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Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Sound like you have something that is not installed properly.
Or is in conflict with something else.

Try the following:

Uninstall all the packages that are having problems.
Then do the following:

Install each package. After installing each package
Go To: Tools | Environment Options
Choose [Library] Tab.
on: [Library path] Click the Elipse Button.
And [Add] the Library path to the "Source Files" of the package that you just installed.

Install the Next Package, and [Add] it to the Library Path.

When you Install each Package and Add them to the Library Path
As you go, Then if a Package is in conflict with another one.
Then it will Let you know.
By giving you an error, that a certain resource is already included in another package.

Let me know if this helps you.


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boardtcAuthor Commented:
i suppose that's a good idea. wIll try and find the few hours necessary for that tedious the meantime doing the startup work around.....

Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
startup workaround?

The "tedious Exercise" Is a general practice in Delphi and any other program that
Works with components and library paths. This is a given practice.

Good luck
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Since I have experianced this issue before, and I provided this user with the proper steps
To recreate the issue and how to resolve it.
I should be awarded the points.

Thank You
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