SID - importance of changing it

I am going to be using Ghost to image about 25 laptops all exactly the same with XP Pro...all laptops will be shipped to various parts of the country...the chances of any of these laptops ever being on the same domain is about "0%"...but  not guarenteed...

How important is it to have different SID's on these laptops???

If it's absoutley necessary, what is the best way to change the SID...

I know Ghost Walker is one product to do you run it AFTER I have restored my Ghost image, or do I use Walker when I am making the original Ghost image...have never used it and can't seem to find much info about it...

Steve MutchlerIT TechAsked:
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You would always run the SID changer after the the redistribution of the Ghost image

Ghost the maschine run the utility.

It's a 5 min job pr. PC so better be safe than sorry.
Changing SID is recommended and easy.

1. U ghost the image on to the Laptops/PC's. When finished it will ask to reset the PC.
2. REMOVE the network cable from the Laptop (to avoid Name conflicts).
3. Reboot to Windows.
4. Make sure the PC's are NOT part of a domain (remove them from domain, if the original image was part of a domain)
5. Change the names of the Laptops to be unique (eg serial numbers, or whatever system u have).

6. Reboot, with DOS floppy in A: drive.
7. Run Ghostwalker from the boot floppy.

8. Attach the network cable.
9. Reboot to Windows
10. Add Laptop back to the domain.


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Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:

When you run Ghostwalker, do you need to input anything??...or does this just run without any specifications???

I tried GW on my computer and all I got was a black "DOS" window for about 5 seconds, it did not appear that anything cursor, no type of any kind...just en empty black window...

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Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:

Also, do I need to reboot to a command prompt, or just go to a "DOS" screen from within windows???

Thanx  again
Sysprep is in your XP CD (
You will find also a doc.
It will help you to automate your procedure (Set on the Domain, etc)
Or here :

Create a c:\sysprep folder
Create a sysprep.inf and put it in the same folder.
Put the files from the CD
Run c:\sysprep\sysprep
Check Mini-Setup
Click Reseal
Ghost the PC.

Links :;en-us;302577
For Ghostwalker, as per point 6 above, you must reboot from a DOS bootable FLOPPY disk. The run Ghostwalker from floppy.

U do not need to input anything, except three hits on the Enter key!


As long as the systems won't be on the same domain then you really don't need to worry about it.
If you just want to be sure and do what Microsoft wants of you then use the sysprep utility found on the XP cd.

Follow this article from Microsoft on how to do it.;en-us;302577&sd=tech

One quick question will all these laptops have the same hardware (motherboard)?  If not you might have to worry about the HAL which will make your imaging much harder.  I can help you further on how to fix that issue if you run into it.
Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:

Manu thanx for the help...

Going to play with GW Monday, will post back results and points...

Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:

After working on this project on and off for 3-4 weeks, NOW I realize that there is NO floppy drive....!@##$%%$#@...

I don;t want to hang everyone up on the points and get this question closed Bradje gets the real deal...

I am going to figgure out what to do without a floppy and post new questions...

thanx for all the help

Hi Steve,

You can make bootable floppies into bootable CD's....and run Ghostwalker from the bootable CD.

Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:

This is a good link...

I made a bootable USB device, set the boot order to boot from the USB first, put GW on the USB thingy and it worked like a charm...

I have been struggling with bootable DVD's for a couple of weeks, trying to make a bootable DVD with an image for these laptops on it that I can do a complete restore from...but I had not run not run into the link you gave might help...

Thanx again

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