Mandrake 10.0 Official Hibernate caused booting failure!

Hi all,

This is my problem. I setup my laptop to dual-boot WinXP and Mandrake 10.0 Official, and have been happily doing so for some months. GRUB is used as bootloader, and currently the options are

linux (kernel 2.6.3-16)
linux-nonfb (no idea)
failsafe (no idea)
windows (XP)
2.6.3-15 (kernel 2.6.3-15)

I tried doing a Hibernate using Klaptop, it spewed some text and powered off. When I powered-on and chose 'linux' again, I got another spew of text, all I could really catch was the last line

'Waiting for DMAs to settle down.....'

Then it went back to the BIOS splash screen, then to a GRUB prompt (no menu, actually no ability to type either). I did a hard power-off, and got the same thing.

Tried kernel 2.6.3-15 and got a console login (no X). There was some stuff about servers not started (localhost, X server).

Tried 'failsafe' and just got a big grey screen.

Windows still fine.

Can this situation be rescued?
If not, I may do a clean install over it. Anything I should be careful about when doing so (partition preservation, new bootloader etc)?
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I'd recomend doing a clean install.  but I'd use 10.1 official that came out about a month ago.  there have been a lot of fixes for power management issues like you are seeing with 10.0


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Havin_itAuthor Commented:
Thanks sir, That is the plan. I'm waiting for ISOs of it to come out on the mirrors as I can't do an FTP install (network setup too complex, have to install external packages first).  Either that or I might crack and buy the GPL discs from a reseller, it's only 5 bucks or so...

Last time I reinstalled 10.0 Community though, I messed up my partition tables so Partition Magic wouldn't open in Windows. Any way I can be sure to avoid such problems?

(NB. 10.0 CE was my orig. install, I did an in-place FTP upgrade to 10.0OE using a HOWTO I found on the web somewhere.)
I never recommend doing an upgrade for any os...  sometimes it works,,  sometimes....

you should be able to go to mandrakes site and hit the download page for a list of mirrors...

aahhh,,  I'm in mandrake club and have had them for a coupla weeks now...  they are coming out on monday...

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Havin_itAuthor Commented:
HeyHEY! I did not know that (information on ISO release has been impossible to find...)

That will make a nice birthday present...!
let me double check my math on that one...I may have set you up...

sorry bout that,  I misread it was for a club release of something else...  it might be worth the $5 at the reseller if you don't want to wait...

Havin_itAuthor Commented:
OK, overlooking my crushed heart for a moment <sobs>, any suggestions on the safe clean-install business?

PS - How do the resellers get the GPL ISOs before anyone else? Is it just the Powerpack minus one?
I saw somewhere that the isos should be online about mid month, and we've got the 20th now, so it should be anytime now.
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