using VNCserver I want to server out MY CURRENT desktop

Installed VNC server and tried to server out my currenty desktop using vncserver :0 and I get the error message "A vncserer is allready running for that"

I can just do a vncserver and it serves out :1 and it works well.   I want to remotely control the mouse and want to see my actual email etc.

It all works great but I am getting display 1 instead of 0.

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Kill vncserver and then delete the files in /tmp/.X11-unix/
Then start vncserver again.
I don't think you can use vncserver (or tightvnc, for that matter) to clone your running desktop to a remote display. You always get a separate instance of the desktop as it is based on the client/server system.

Since session 0 is already active on the PCs local system (you are probably working in that), session 1 was opened when you startet vncserver. You will therefore be able to connect to your linux box with your remote pc by entering linux-pc-ip-or-name:1.

What you are looking for is  a remote control software.

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TIMFOX123Author Commented:
I can use this software to remotely control a Microsoft windows computer.  Should I not be able to do the same for X11 ?
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Windows runs differently from X. For one it isn't a client/server system.
TIMFOX123Author Commented:
So what is the common remote control software to do this ?  
netop remote control (not free), possibly tridiaVNC (I haven't tried it yet, but according to the datasheet it should work)
TIMFOX123Author Commented:
I found out that you can open up KDE to permit this with tools that are listed under the system hower it works really crappy for me.  I share out the moose and keyboard and nobody has good control of them.  

Your information helped me get to the end of it and the reason windows does such a good job of this is Microsoft windows is not all that advnaced and is not a fully powered mult user os unless you add things like terminal server.  A free copy of slackware stacks up against windows very well !

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