Can't Ping Friends Computer Through Linksys Router over Internet

   I'm having problems joining a friends lan game over the internet. He is behind a linksys wireless B router. When router is removed I can join. We are both on cable HI-speed. Any help would be welcomed.

Thank You.
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the firewall is probably blocking port 7
forward it to his internal machine and it should work
PS this is by design
Have your friend put his LAN ip in the "DMZ host" configuration on his Linksys

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The router probaply supplies his PC with a private IP addres. This is an adres in one of three ranges op IP addresses that are not used on the internet. The benefit of htese private IP ranges is that you can use these adresses for your own small network without having to buy a public IP adres range from an internet provider big enought for your own network. Another benefit is that the NAT-router (Network Adres Translation) you need to connect to the internet shields your PC's from internet access, only replies to requests from your PC can come back to your PC, not requests that come from the internet.

To join his game, you need to connect to his PC. As I described, this won't work.

His game server will listen to new clients on a specific port. This is a number anywhere from 1 to 65535 (in theorie). Check your game manual as to what port number this is.

All you need to do is configure the router to forward all traffic received on this port to the IP adres of the PC where the games is hosted.

If you don't know this port number, most routers also have a DMZ option, specify the IP adres of the PC. This forwards all traffic the router don't know what to do with to this PC.
This makes your PC very vulnerable to attacks from the internet.

Good gaming.


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