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We're installing an SBS server for a customer who currently does not have any other windows servers.  The server will be used for quite a few functions: outside web site, intranet site, email (Exchange), and some file/print sharing.  Some people recommend using mycompany.local for the AD domain, others recommend using the registered Internet domain of  I've not heard convincing reasons one way or the other.  I'd like to know more of the pros and cons of each.  In the past, we've used the registered .com name.  
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should give you some insight

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the only reason for not using the .com domain name would be if you weren't hosting your own website... since you are then you need to setup split dns to allow internal users access to the website regardless of whether you use the .com or .local domain name... if you do use the .com domain name then you wouldn't have to add another domain name to the recipient list in exchange... this is rather easy to do however... what it really comes down to is personal preference... would you rather it be .com or .local... .local would require additional setup in dns and exchange... .com would only require adding a www host record pointing to the internal ip of the server to the existing dns zone...
pcspcsAuthor Commented:
I'm also trying to think of any potential impact it might have on web site.  The customer will probably host their external web site as well as using the internal site features of SBS.  They will also probably use the share point features for making files available, etc.  Users may access this from home or from inside the network.  It seems to me that any of this could work under either naming convention as long as DNS is set up properly.  But I also know that the default templates with SBS have links already filled in (links like "check my email" or "remote control my computer" etc.).  I'm thinking that all of this will work best if I use the .com because then all links would work from both inside and outside.  I'm afraid if I use .local that some of those templates might use .local as their link, which won't work from the outside.  However, the article that stevenlewis noted above indicates that most SBS users will be better off with .local.  Other thoughts?
What you mention about possible link issues inside of sharepoint and the website are correct.   However, I believe sharepoint may use a dynamic link rather than an absolute link.. meaning it fills in the currently domain name into the link it's attempting to open which would make it work... Your external website would work fine for internal and external users if DNS was setup properly.  Like I said before, it really comes down to preference... I would prefer the .com extension myself.  
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