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Dongle ByPass


I am working with two very old programs that needs a dongle to work (one needs it to start up and the other needs it to perform a crucial operation). The company is the rightful owner so cracking the dongle is not illegal (I researched it). I got some good information at http://www.woodmann.com/crackz/Dongles.htm but I am not extremely familiar with this topic. Can someone help and give me a list of things to do and/or check for and maybe just a general overview of this process. I believe the dongles that these programs use are very simple and will be easily worked.

The reason I am doing this is because one of the companies went out of business and we need to make sure that we are not left out in the cold if something happens to the dongle.

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maybe if the dongle is serial or parellel port device

but not always possible!
jculkincysAuthor Commented:
Dongle is a parrellel port device
well try this open the device and see if you can identify what connections are paired (usually) ther maybe though custom chips in there that stop copying their device but some actually used of the shelf components But a lot just use paired pins and the like!
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
It is not as easy as paired pins like in movies, dongles are designed to fool hardware crackers, that's the reason why common attacks are at software levels, it is easier to test again and again whitout damaging the product!
Which brand and model of dongle do you have? Normally it is printed (embossed) in the device.
Cracking a dongle is not always an easy job, unless software portion have a simple protection scheme, but I think it won't be **legal** to post here to show others how to crack a software. There are many pages in the Internet about that (brand/model dependent).
But besides this issue, it could be easier to re-enginneer a software than trying to crack it.
Hope to be helpful,
earlier dongles usually did just used paired pins or simple electronics that could be reverse engineered thats why I said 'not always posible' earlier

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