Computer randomly reports being disjoined from the domain.

I run a Win2k/XP Network with two 2K DC's.

Computers are patched to the latest via SUS.

One computer occasionally reports upon startup that it is unable to logon because it's computer account is missing or deleted from the domain.

The weird part is if I reboot a couple times the error goes away and the computer functions normally.

The user and computer account seem to exist on both DC's without incident.

Any ideas?
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I would try to remove the computer from the domain by setting it to a workgroup.  Then remove the computer account from the DC.  
Reboot the workstation and readd it to the domain.  
If that doesnt clear it up, you may have a network issue, flakey NIC, bad cable, trashed TCP/IP stack etc...

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EnerconITAuthor Commented:
i'll give it a shot but i won't know if it fixes it right away since it's random.
EnerconITAuthor Commented:
Okay it's done, but now I'm possibly seeing something of a replication issue.
Thing is my ADCheck shows it's fine and the logs say that replication is fine.

However I managed to find a computer that existed on one DC but doesn't on another.
That shouldn't be possible as far as I know.

EnerconITAuthor Commented:
I think he's probably fixed so I'll award points anwyay.
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