simple cable question - straight-through or crossover?

I have two computers in the same room, connected to a single Linksys BEFSR41 router/switch for internet access. I want to relocate one of the computers to another room and install CAT5 cable in the wall framing to make the connection. In order to make for a nice clean installation, each end of this in-the-wall cable will terminate in an RJ45 jack in a wall plate. My question is this: since this in-the-wall cable is acting as nothing more than an extension to the existing computer-to-Linksys cable, does it need to be terminated as a straight-through or a crossover cable? The overall signal path will be: from the Linksys to an RJ45 wall plate connector, from that connector through the wall to another RJ45 wall plate connector, then from the second wall plate to the remote computer. The net result will be three cables between the two end devices. Do I make the middle cable straight-through or crossover and am I correct in assuming the other two can be standard off-the-shelf straight-through network cables?
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gripeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If it's a wall plate, you should configure both sides with the same wire pinouts.
IE: straight through... that way you can let your loose cables determine whether or not they should be crossovers or not.
JRasterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
CBozemanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Straight through.  This cable just extends the current one.

pseudocyberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What you're talking about is structured cabling.  Structured network cabling should always be straight through - you use patch cables to make irregular (crossover) connections.
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