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I have the Google Toolbar and it's useful and good, IMO. I'd like to be able to access dictionary.com as well as Google, though... typing in a word, then hitting 'go'.

Yes, I know that I can get a dictionary.com toolbar... but frankly, I'm concerned about getting spyware with it. And it would make me cringe a bit to add a second toolbar to my browser. I don't enjoy clogging things up with interfaces in my face... so to speak. So I ask the following:

1) Is the dictionary.com toolbar free of spyware?

2) Is there a more elegant solution than adding yet another toolbar to the mix?

many thanks!
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Hello R2D2 =)

Actually its really hard to beleive any freeware software now-a-days unless we personally use it and experience it.... but this is one downloads websites which i trust a lot and i have never seen it promoting spyware\adware based programs, so here is one toolbar which can intereset you from this website >> http://www.snapfiles.com/get/wordz.html

I did a research on google, and have not yet been able to pull out a page describing the removal of this Wordz toolbar :)
I have used this dictionary toolbar http://www.m-w.com/downloads.htm
and I donot remember having any issues. You can try that ..

More elegant solution wud be to go websites like m-w.com .. well that's what i do
>> I did a research on google, and have not yet been able to pull out a page describing the removal of this Wordz toolbar :)
what i meant that if it wud be based on spywares\adwares then for sure there wud be its removal instructions available also somwhere.... but no complaint yet =)
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Infact what I do is this . If I need meaning of a word , lets say tell
i search in google as

tell site:m-w.com

Obviously , you would get many results but the first result should give you the answer.
This would completely eliminate the need for a seperate toolbar but as you know a toolbar for dictionary would obviously have its own advantage

It looks like 1 has been pretty well covered.  As for 2, this may not be to your taste, but I use SlimBrowser, which has one search toolbar with a drop-down to select which engine you wish to use, minimal clutter.  It has several google and dictionary engines, as well as several others.  You also gain some nice features like a popup blocker, automated logins, site groups, black/whitelists, and tabbed browsing.  It uses IE as its engine, so most sites work as they would with IE (although I've found that the newest Outlook Web Access doesn't).  You can check it out here:  http://www.flashpeak.com/.  There are some other similar ones, like Avante and MyIE2.

Anyway, a potential alternative for you to consider.

Good Luck!
I use Mozilla firefox which allows me to specify whether I want to search at Google.com, dictionary.com, yahoo.com, etc. And, it also lets me select a word in the web page and either search the web for it or search the dictionary for it. And, as far as I know, Firefox or its extensions don't have any spyware! Cool!

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R2D2022097Author Commented:
Thank you! A lot of good answers here...

My very best to all of you,
You're welcome.  And provided you celebrate it, have a happy Thanksgiving!
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