How to hide a object's inherited properties ?

I create a user control object and show its properties through a propertygrid object in my application. It is sure that there are 100 hundred of properties inherited from System.Windows.Forms.UserControl and they are all showd on the propertygrid object. Is there a way i can hide all these inherited properties and show only my user control's properties ?
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uh, you could sorta shadow methods or override them, but you'll have to go through all 100 properties

look here:

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mrvithanAuthor Commented:
- -'' you mean I have to do kind of

[BrowsableAttribute (False)]
public override xxxx ()
{ ();

for all of the inherited properties ?  T_T
yup, as far as i know at least
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mrvithanAuthor Commented:
- -'' .... ok i think i will wait more ..... ^^''
I think it's pointless, thats the purpose of inheriting from something, you inherit all its properties, unless you override them
You could use a custom attribute and then in your properties page only display those properties with the custom attribute... Basically you create a class that inherits from attribute:

public class ShowMyProperty : Attribute {

Then when everyou want to display a property in your form you would do something like:

public string MyString {
   get { return myString; }
   set { myString = value; }

Then when you are building your properties page you get the property info...
PropertyInfo[] piArray = myClass.GetProperties();

Then go through the properties...
foreach ( PropertyInfo pi in piArray ) {
   ShowMyProperty[] smp = (ShowMyProperty[])pi.GetCustomAttributes( typeof( ShowMyProperty ) );
   if ( smp != null ) {
      // perfrom action for property to be displayed

mrvithanAuthor Commented:
One again that i can't get the right solution for a not-in-a-book question.

To tomvergote, your solution is a way to do. but override 100 properties is not a clever way, especially when you don't know how it does.

I will post here what i think it is the best solution:

However, the point is MUST give, therefore 250 point will go with your. ^^''
No the points are not a must give, you can post a request for refund, check the help button on your upper right corner.
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