Scheduled Scans not running on Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 9.0 clients

Hi all,

We are upgrading from NAV 7.6 to Symantec AntiVirus (SAV) 9.0 here at work. I have been rolling the new clients out from our brand new server (using NT client install), running SAV 9.0. It is our only SAV server and therefore is running as a Primary server. Now, we are rolling out to XP SP1a machines, NT SP6a machines, 2000 machines - servers, workstations the lot. Most are working absolutely fine but some are having problems. I am experiencing two problems but this question is specifically about the clients that are not running their scheduled scans.

The failing clients are a mixture of XP, 2000, NT and are all on different hardware so I can find no similarities there. They are all picking up their policies from the server and are displaying our customised message that pops up when the virus definitions get out of date etc so it's strange that they aren't running their scans.

If I right-click any client in the Symantec System center console and view it's scheduled scans, I can see the scheduled scan that has been cascaded from it's parent server but on some clients it just doesn't run.

All clients are clients of the same (and only) parent server. The scan is set to run at 8am and to run within 8 hours if the pc isn't turned on at 8. Even PCs that are turned on at 8am and are on the network are not running their scans. Yet others are running fine and many are running when they are turned on at 9am when people arrive in work.

As I said, most clients are fine but quite a few are having trhese problems.

Can anybody advise me on this? It's very frustrating as you can imagine as the Symantec site doesn't appear to be very useful for this problem.

Unfortunately for me this is a very urgent issue

Many thanks!

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On the problem clients is the version 9.0?

Reinstall the client FROM the CLIENT on one PC and then see what happens.

I have had this problem, before, with server based roll outs.
matthewcapstickAuthor Commented:
The clients are being rolled out from the server. They are all currently NAV 7.6 and are being upgraded to SAV 9.0.

Doing them manually would be great but there are hundreds of clients so ideally we want to roll them out automatically.
matthewcapstickAuthor Commented:
In addition to my last comment, it's once they have upraded to 9.0 that the problems occur.


Try ONE machine that is having the problem.
You may need to remove PCAnywhere first.

If that clears the problem then my only though is....

Have PC Anywhere setup run from each workstation automatically on boot up.
Its messy -- but as I said -- sometimes my roll outs just do not work properly.
There is also file on the symantec web site that unconditionally removes NAV from a PC.
Sometimes if I run this first the roll out works okay.

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matthewcapstickAuthor Commented:
Problem has seemed to have fixed itself  !!!???!!! All the PCs are now scanning. Strange thing is that most of them required up to 5 reboots to get it going. Very odd. But at least it's working.

Thanks for the help guys!
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