Printer spooler service keeps stopping and taking up CPU on Terminal Server


We have a Windows 2000 Terminal Server, which keeps having problems with the spooler service. When I log on, the server is very slow, and the spoolersv.exe is at the top of the CPU usage list. Then, the spooler service stops and I loose all my printers. I have set the spooler service to automatically recover, and restart if stopped, but this keeps happening, and the performance and reliablilty is very poor. There are 53 printers in the printer list, and there are no end of warnings in the event log telling me that printers are being added and pending deletion. But as I understand, this is normal within terminal services. Has anyone come across this problem before?

Thanks a lot for any help,

Daniel Murfitt
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Do you see any printer-specific *errors* in the system event log (especially CDM errors, which could indicate a driver incompatibility problem)?
Have you considered removing the printers and alowing the client to recreate them as needed?   Perhaps its one of the 53, or one of the pending items that is causing your trouble.    

Also, we tracked down a similiar problem related to the level of the AV software we were using.
A work around was to have a user logged onto the server at the console.

Also, it could be related to the profiles.    Try the proile cleanup tool, it might help.

Good luck


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What was the solution to this:

Removing the printers and allowing the client to recreate them?




using the microsoft cleanup tool?
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