Can't remove HP/uX remote printer

/usr/sbin/lpadmin: can't remove request directory because of directory not empty.

There are no files in the request directory.

Printer is not accepting prints and still is in status enabled/avccepting.

It's a remote printer.Doesn't make a difference if remote printer is up or down.

your advice pls...
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Have you tried stopping & restarting the print scheduler with /usr/sbin/lpshut & lpsched?  

What is the remote system? Can you stop & restart the scheduler on that system?
pworceAuthor Commented:
I did lpshut/lpsched a number of times. Together with an disable/enable of the remote service.
Remote service is the Novell Netware 4.11 pldp.nlm.
Panjandrums link was much more comprehensive, so he should get the points (unless, of course, pworce says it didn't work?)
The link gave the suggestion of recreating the /var/spool/request/printername directories and ensuring they were owned by lp - Which, from the original question, seems a likely cause of the error messages.  

I know the HP-UX print spooler is fairly fragile and easily broken by removing files manually  - Other Unixen use the same model, but seem more robust.

I think the question is worth keeping - But you're the boss (and thanks for reviewing all these old questions)

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