PCQ Linux , how to boot in console?

hi ,

I installed PCQ linux on my machine alongwith WinXP . When the system boots , the GRUB loader comes and has two options

1. XP
2. PCQ Linux

When i chose Linux , Linux boots up with a graphical interface cause i installed KDE.

The thing is that i am new to the OS and its just been added to my course in college . We started learning it there and so i installed it at home to practice . In college , we telnet into a UNIX server running SCO UNIX i think . The point being that its CUI and no graphics are involved . Learning in a CUI environment in college and using a GUI based LINUX console is confusing me a lot .

Hence , i would like to know if there is any way i could boot up LINUX in a CUI mode just like windows can be boot up in DOS MODE ..

Please Help !

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blklineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since you are using GRUB you have another option:

At the boot prompt hit the escape key, then hit the "a" key to go into append mode.  Now, add the digit 3 af the end of the kernel arguments and press enter.  You'll be brought up into run level 3, which is the CUI mode.

To make this permanent, edit:


and change the line that reads:


to read:


and you'll always be booted into CUI mode.  If you want to go into graphical after having already booted into level 3, just log on as root and type:  init 5

lynxlupodianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, you can press ctrl+alt+F2 to ctrl+alt+F6 to get to the CUI. ctrl+alt+F7 would return you to the still running kde.
If you want to completely disable kde(X to be more precise) from starting, you need to look-up how to remove kdm from the relevant boot level in your distribution.
You can have both... Simply open a terminal window in KDE and work there.
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Packman123Author Commented:
Ok one last question before i close this question and award the poionts .... For some strange reason the CC filename command doesnt run on the LINUX console ?? it says
-bash:command not found

Why ??? i cant compile any C programs ive written ... How do i get it ,,, I have my LINUX cd;s ,, can i install it ???

May be its not in the path.

Issue env command and check the path else #<path>/cc and run.

If u dont know where is ur cc command, #locate cc

Hope it helps.

Well, use the Gnu cc, gcc. Cc isn't on my system either...
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