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Dblookup and unique

I am trying to automatically fill in address fields based on a company name which is generated from a button which has the following formula:

List1 := @Unique(@DbColumn("":"NoCache";"85256f4e:006706e3 "; "Company Lookup"; 1));
Choice := @Prompt([OKCANCELLIST]; "Customer";"Select the Customer"; List1;

Then (and I will only use 1 address field to save space) I want to fill in the address field. So , this follows the above:

FIELD address := @Unique(@DbLookup("" : "NoCache"; "" ; "Company Lookup"; Choice; 2));
@If(@IsError(address); ""; address);

The problem is that it is still returning 3 or 4 of the same addresses. So, I guess @Unique is not the correct command to use?
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1 Solution
Andrea ErcolinoCommented:
List1 := @Unique(@DbColumn("":"NoCache";"85256f4e:006706e3"; "Company Lookup"; 1));

Choice := @Prompt([OKCANCELLIST]; "Customer";"Select the Customer"; ""; List1 );
@If( Choice = ""; @Return( "" ); "" );

FIELD address := @DbLookup("" : "NoCache"; "" ; "Company Lookup"; Choice; 2);
@If(@IsError(address); ""; address);
Several problems in your code :

You don't catch errors in dblookups (that can occur sometimes), your error checking for the address is incorrect, and your @prompt can return multiple values (correct ?).
Your button code should look like this :

res := @DbColumn("":"NoCache";"85256f4e:006706e3 "; "Company Lookup"; 1);
List1 := @if(@iserror(res);"Error getting companies";@trim(@Unique(res)));
Choice := @Prompt([OKCANCELLIST]; "Customer";"Select the Customer"; @subset(List1;1);List1);
@if(Choice = "";@return(""); Choice = null; @return("");"");
res2 := @DbLookup("" : "NoCache"; "" ; "Company Lookup"; Choice; 2);
FIELD address := @if(@iserror(res2);"More Errors";@trim(@unique(res2)));""


schmad01Author Commented:
That's the ticket!  Thanks alot!
Andrea ErcolinoCommented:
Bozzie4> @if(Choice = "";@return(""); Choice = null; @return("");"");
<<Choice = null>> ? :-)

I agree with points to Bozzie... because I forgot the first error check and thought the formula was executing in a computed field!

However I don't think the prompt can return multiple values without [OkCancelListMult]...
So <<@trim(@unique(res2))>> could be simply <<res2>>. And I think <<@trim(@unique(res))>> could be simply <<@unique(res)>> because it's very uncommon that a "Company Lookup" view lists empty companies (and if it does, should be considered an oversight)

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