"Didn't find any fields in table" Error

Hi there,

Can anyone help to explain an error message I got when I logged into my MYSQL server.

I received hundreds of messages "Didn't find any fields in table 'tablename'."

Restarting mysql solved this, but I'd really like to know what the problem was.

Can anyone shed any light on this.



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"This message is issued by the mysql client program when it connects to a database and finds an incorrectly defined table."

Looks like it could have been a corrupt file, but more likely incorrect OS-level file permissions.  Why it worked the second time around I don't know; did you change users?
Most likely, you had a problem with one of mysql's internet databases, that store program settings and users. (Database mysql)

This file was probably corrupted / missing in the OS, thus causing the message to occur over and over as mysql tried to read its settings.
jjbarnsleyAuthor Commented:
The problem was a result of  wait_timeout in my.cnf.   I changed this and resolved immediately resolved the problem without any recurrence.
Good to hear. MySQL config can be a bugger sometimes. ;D
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