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I had just started a webserver (in WSAD).  I would like to connect to it locally via IE.  How can I do that?  I'm a noob to this stuff, so please excuse my naiveness.
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http://<local ip>
where the <local ip> is the ip of the local machine
example if using on the machine then

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JK2429Author Commented:
If I have a certain HTML file which I need to access, how can I do this?
stevenlewis's method will work as long as you're browsing to the default webroot of the machine.  If you are going to set up more than one vhost or domain on a single webserver though, you'll need the capability to past http headers so the server machine knows which site you're requesting.  As such, a more correct way to do this is to find the file on your computer called "Hosts" with no file extension.  It's in %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc I think, somthing like that.  Open it with notepad and you'll see a small description of what it does, and usually the following entry


What you want to do is add a line immediately under that with a route to your web site.  For example, if your web site is "" and the server is on your loacl network with IP address of, you should edit your hosts file to look like this:


Then save the file and open internet explorer.  When you type in "" the hosts file tells internet explorer to use the address instead of looking up the address through an internet DNS server.  

FYI - if this is just an intranet site or something you're experimenting with, and doesn't have an actual outside address, you can still use the hosts file edit method.  It works for intranet as well as internet addresses.  You can just give it any name you want to, for example "http://testsite"  by editing the hosts file as discussed and replacing "" in the example above with "testsite"

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to access a specific html file, http://serveraddress/filename.html

for serveraddress use either the IP address if you're using the first method, or if you edited the hosts file as I suggested.
Just type "http://localhost" in IE - and you are done.
same thing in my last comment applies to localhost if you're viewing on the same machine on which the web server is running.  http://localhost/filename.html

If the web server is not the machine you are on, http://localhost will not work, because it automatically goes to when you type in http://localhost because it is the defualt entry in the aforementioned hosts file. is the default loopback address, meaning tells the computer to connect to itself.
JK2429Author Commented:
Thanks everyone!!
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