calculation and comparison of live video frames


first of all this is my final project(Video based security over IP) of MCS .Basically it is the client server application

client side detect the video motion from webcam and send this stream to server over ip

from server side it already calculate the value of client side and in runtime its calculate and compare the video frames if difference occur then nothing esle its generate the alarm
my question is that how can we calculate the video frame in binary form and how it compare with olf frame with new frame
Thank yoy
Mohammad Aamir QureshiAsked:
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This reminds me of my grad project - we wrote an MPEG2 player and analyzer in 1997 - long before it became the standard for DVD.

I am not sure what format you are using for the video stream. If it is MPEG2, You can detect the start of a new frame based on whether it is an I-frame, P-frame or B-frame. Look at the MPEG Protocol for details.

If you are sending the frames as gifs or jpegs, it should be no problem to insert a flag for BOF and EOF(Begin Frame/End Frame) and store the frame data in a binary array for comparison.

Again - your question is too high-level to answer in a forum like this, but hope this helps.

Bob LearnedCommented:
You must not think that it is too important, because it is a very complex problem for only 20 points :))

That's another valid point, Bob

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