Moving dns name servers from one provider to another


Here is my scenario.
I currently have 3 registered domain names.
1 has dns hosted by the registrar
1 has dns hosted by someone other than registrar (ISP)
1 has dns hosted by 3rd party other than registrar

I am working on putting them all under the same registrar and have that regristrar host the dns so I can
control my dns settings. My question is once I move the dns servers to the registrar will anyone be able to resolve
the domain name during the move or will the old SOA continue to resolve until I have them remove our records.

Thanks Tons......
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As soon as you change the NAme Server delegation from one DNS server to the other, the change will begin to propogate the internet.  You will be live on the new servers to a good bit of the world right away, and the rest of the world within 1-3 days tops.  The update is effective as soon as you make it, and viewers from around the world will see the new location as soon as their local DNS server refreshes it's database with the propogated information.  I am in the US, and when I have changed name server delegations, my sites have been active accross the US within an hour or two at the most, and usually right away.

If multiple DNS servers have different entries for the same domain, it won't affect anything.  Only the name server delegation in the registrant record matters in this issue.  Basically, you don't have to worry about SOA's, just edit your domains on the old registrar to the new name server before you make the change (RIGHT before) and when you make the transfer, specify in the new record the same name servers.  You should have minimal if any down time.

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JffishbonesAuthor Commented:
I am a little confused about right before I make the change....9:00EST tonight actually....
To make the change I am going to log onto my registrant site then select option to move dns servers from 3rd party
and start using registrant name servers. It sounds like I have to have the current dns host ( make changes also?

Thanks again.
JffishbonesAuthor Commented:
Forgot one thing. After I move name servers I have to change dns settings to point to new server
ie.... will not point to .......will this change take long to propogate as I have
firewalls and vpn stuff to update also. TU
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