Is this some automated Shell patch format?

I am trying to install Subversion but it complains that it cannot find the Berkeley database.  It has the right path, and the configure log indicates it is finding the include and library files, but it is failing, anyway, saying it cannot find usable Berkeley headers and library files.
The Subversion web site ( indicates this patch (  should be applied to ./subversion/apr-util/config.   Below, the first few lines from the patch (it is over 500 lines long):

--- srclib/apr-util/configure      Fri Oct 24 10:51:13 2003
+++ srclib/apr-util/configure      Wed Nov 26 02:45:42 2003
@@ -13386,6 +13386,536 @@
    { (exit 1); exit 1; }; }
+  db42)
+  places="$check_places"
+  if test -z "$places"; then
+    places="std /usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.2"
+  fi
+  bdb_version="4"
+  if test ""1"" != "-1"; then
+    bdb_version="$bdb_version."2""
+    if test ""-1"" != "-1"; then
+      bdb_version="$bdb_version."-1""
+    fi
+  fi
+  bdb_places="$places"
+  bdb_default_search_headers="db4/db.h db.h"
+  bdb_default_search_lib_names="db-4.2 db4 db"

I have never seen this format for a shell script, before.  Is this some sort of format for an automated patch process?  It does not conform to the GNU 'patch' format.  Is it something else from the vast library of 'things I do not know about' ?

I used sed to cut out the leading + symbols and simply pasted the patch in over what seemed to be the appropriate code in the configure script.  It ran, but the same problems re-occurred.  So, either I did not apply the patch correctly or there is another problem.  While I explore the 'other problem' scenario, I was hoping someone could teach me something about this patch file.
Thank you!
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this is diff format, not a shell script.

patch -p0 < that file

Hmm...  Looks like a unified diff to me...
The text leading up to this was:
|--- srclib/apr-util/configure     Fri Oct 24 10:51:13 2003
|+++ srclib/apr-util/configure     Wed Nov 26 02:45:42 2003


most likley will replace one revision of file named srclib/apr-util/configure with another

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