Pareto Chart

What is a Pareto Chart?  What is the best application for a Pareto Chart?  
Can one be created in Crystal Reports 8.5?
Christine Haverly
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I don't find any reference to Pareto charts for Crystal Reports.

Seagate Holos and Info can do Pareto charts but they are discontinued products.

Pareto charts seems to be based on analysis of the top or bottom x% of the data.

A pareto chart is based on the theory that 20% of your resources make up 80% of the result.
It can be applied to many things, like a product portfolio (20% of your products make up 80% of your revenue) or economics (20% of the population locks up 80% of the wealth of a country) or whatever.

To be more practical, in CR you would have (for example) 4 columns, with data already sorted descending by product revenue:
1) Product Name
2) Product Revenue
3) Cumulative Revenue (a running total: previous cumulative revenue + current product total revenue)
4) Cumulative Revenue as % of Total Revenue Grand Total

If your data is not already consolidated before it gets into crystal reports (it usually isn't), then you have to cheat in order to build a chart for it.  Take a look at (I think this procedure should work fine on versino 8.5 too).

Hope this helps

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Forgot to say: a pareto chart would simply be a visual representation of what elements of the sets are within the 80% mark.
This can be achieved in many ways.  For example, you can mark the 80% mark with a visible spot on the X axis, or you can color-coding the chart elements within the 80% mark with a nice color and the rest with some shade of grey.  Use your imagination, but usually you see pareto charts in the format of bar charts, with color-coded elements.
Occasionally you could see a dual axis: one of the cumulative revenue and the other for individual revenues, so that the cumulative revenue is shown perhaps as a line and the individual contributions as bars.
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