AES encryption

Can someone please explain, in detail, how AES encryption works and why it might be a better solution than using PGP encryption?
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You're comparing apples and oranges.

AES is a 128-bit symmetric cypher. See and for more information on AES.

PGP is a framework for encrypting and signing data. It uses a variety of cryptographic algorithms under the hood to do this. See and for more information on PGP.
AES is symmetric encryption algorithm. It is successor to DES as new encryption standard.
     AES encrypts data of 128 bit blocks with either 128/196/256 bit key. Brute force attack on encryption key is almost difficult as the key size is large.

   PGP uses asymmetric encryption to encrypt and sign data. Symmetric encrption is faster than asymmetric encryption.


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basically PGP is a cryptosystem... it uses both symmetric and asymmetric key cryptosystems.
on the symmetric side PGP uses DES, CAST, Triple DES, or IDEA for encryption

AES is the replacement for Triple DES....  
Hope this puts the pieces together for you....
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