Computer not Recognizing Lexmark P707 on USB port

Ok,  I've browsed and browsed the solutions area, but to no avail...I have a Lexmark P707 which can only be connected via USB...On a previous computer (OS Windows XP), the printer installed perfectly and the computer recognized it upon connection.  Now, on the newer computer(still OS XP), the computer refuses to recognize the plug and play recognition, no add printer wizard.  I can't even figure out how to manually add the printer because there's no option for a USB port.  However, the computer does recognize my digital camera without any flaws when I hook it up to either of the USB ports, so I doubt the ports are bad.  I've changed the USB cord multiple times, so that USB cord failure isn't a question...any ideas out there on what I'm doing wrong?
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Have you tried a different USB port? One particular port on the PC may have problems. You can check in device manager if a particular port is having any issues by right clicking on My Computer and selecting properties. From there, click the hardware tab and select Device Manager. There you should see something listed that says "Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller. Check to see if there is a yellow exlamation point or red X next to it, if there is, you need to either remove it from the list and reboot (letting XP find it again and automatically reinstall it) or reload the drivers for the USB ports.

Sorry! Re-read your post and saw that you tried both ports! :(

Lexmark Z700 Series Certified System Driver for Microsoft Windows 2000 & XP. Once downloaded, double-click the file to extract the driver. Then, follow the on-screen instructions. This driver must be installed through the Add Printer Wizard.

"If you have a previous copy of this driver installed, uninstall it prior to installing this driver."  - From the  Lexmark site.

Have you tried installing it from "Printers and other Hardware" under the Control Panel?

Control Panel - Printers and other Hardware - Add a printer

This will start the add printers wizard manually.
fanofpanicAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, this has been tried multiple times with no success.  I also have the CDs which don't help.  I have tried to add a new printer from the Printers and other Hardware selection in Control Panel but can't seem to understand what the actual address of the USB port see when I go there, the computer doesn't recognize the printer and asks if I want to install it manually...fine...when it asks which port it's connected to, there is no automatic USB selection. ...I go to "Create New Port"  Select "Local Port" and it asks me the name of the port...which i've tried  mulitple times under USB usb0001 usb001 usb 1 (and in all caps and in all lowercase and variations thereof) nothing works because the printer software fails to recognize the connection!  
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Do you have another PC (i.e. a friend's PC) that you can hook the printer up to? If it doesn't detect on someone else's PC, at least you know the problem is with the printer and not your PC.
you can delete all the usb entries in the device manager and reboot, or :

you can try a PCI USB card :

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I saved this from another forum (where they were also having trouble getting XP to recognise a Lexmark USB printer):

Got message from Lexmark which solved my problem. FYI, here's what they said:

1. Disconnect the USB cable and the printer power cable.

2. After 30 seconds, reconnect the power cable.

3. Check whether the printer is turned on. If not, turn it on.

4. Reconnect the USB cable.

5. The installation should continue automatically. Follow the on-screen
instructions to complete the installation.

6. If the PC still does not recognize the connected cable, it could be

--The USB cable is damaged

--The USB port on the PC is faulty

--The previous driver was not removed properly

7. Use the cleaning utility to remove the driver files of the printer completely before you install the driver again.

8. If the device is still not detectable, try another USB cable, preferably one that is not longer than 1-1.5 m.

9. If that doesn't help, contact the PC manufacturer for a check on the USB port on the PC or to obtain an update of the USB controller.

10. You can also test the functionality of the All-in-One machine on another PC.

Note: Removing the power cable for at least 30 seconds and then reconnecting it will reseat the firmware of your printer, which helps detection of the USB hub. Make sure that the All-in-One machine is turned on when you connect the USB cable!

Lexmark eSupport Team
fanofpanicAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the help...I've tried the Lexmark solution several times and it doesn't work.  I've replaced the drivers to no avail...the printer works on another computer so I'm beginning to think the USB ports are screwed...even though other USB devices seem to work on them...however, I've run into some problems with the Logitech cordless mouse, so maybe the ports are on their way out...I'll try a PCI USB card and see what happens!  If you have any other ideas out there let me know!
fanofpanicAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for the help.  Turns our the USB was either bad or old and wouldn't read the printer.  I went and purchase a PCI USB 2.0 card and now the printer is running smoothly without a hitch.  Thanks again and take care!
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