Checkboxes - how to enlarge the actual little checkbox on form

I am using a couple checkboxes on a form I'm devleoping.  These are Yes/No fields in the table.  I select a checkbox from the toolbox and put it on the form.  No problem, the checkbox is on the form and works fine.  But, I can't change the size of the actual check box itself.  I can click on it and expand it using the handles but he little check box size does not change.  I can also go into the Properties Sheet and change the height and width, but still the little check box doesn't change.
How do you change it's size, making it bigger?
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Which language?
JoeBoydAuthor Commented:
I hope I'm answering the right question.  I'm using MS Access 2003
It would seem that that is one of the things that cannot be changed directly.

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JoeBoydAuthor Commented:
Interesting!  That isn't good LOL, but, at least it isn't something obvious I was missing, which is what I thought it might be.
That is strange though. You would think you'd be able to adjust the size of this?  Thanks for the responses
Alan WarrenApplications DeveloperCommented:
Hi Joe,

Could have some fun with this if you want?

Create two new image controls and set their visible property to false and assign the picture property of one to an image of a checked checkbox and the other to an image of an unchecked checkbox.

Name one chkTrue and the other chkFalse.

Then create another checkbox, visible property = true, name = imgMyBigCheckBox, size it to the size you want and set it's picture property to the image of an unchecked checkbox.

Then in the On Click event for imgMyBigCheckBox

Private Sub imgMyBigCheckBox_Click()
  If Me.imgMyBigCheckBox.Picture = Me.imgChkTrue.Picture Then
    Me.imgMyBigCheckBox.Picture = Me.imgChkFalse.Picture
    Me.imgMyBigCheckBox.Picture = Me.imgChkTrue.Picture
  End If
End Sub

You can get the images from here:

It would then be a relatively simple task to tie the appropriate display to a yes/no field value in the form's recordsource, sensitive to the form current event.

Alan ":0)

ps... If you intend to use lots of these, have a look at creating your own usercontrol.

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Well.....there is no way to do it directly.
In VB you can sub-class it and then use the OCX in access, but I`m sure thats more trouble than it`s worth.
JoeBoydAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your input.  I'm going to split the points as follows:
arthur Wood (100): gave me the first answer and told me what I didn't know, that this couldn't be done directly
alanwarren: (200): gave me a great idea on how to do this in a round about way.  
I apologize to everyone for not getting back to you all sooner.
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