Returning a rebuilt server to the domain

In light of my lsass.exe error problem, I had to reinstall Windows 2000 Server.  Presently our exchange server is the Domain controller (running Active Directory).  I now need to get the rebuilt server in question back up and going...and resuming PDC functions.  I still must install Service Pack 4.  The rebuilt server has joined the domain and is recognized in AD on the Exchange Server.

MY PROBLEM IS THIS: when attempting to install Active Directory on the rebuilt system...I get a message stating the domain cannot be found.  Should I be doing replication from the Exchange server to restore AD back on the rebuilt server?    

I know this is probably a fundamental question but I'm a rookie, and at the time I have no "big brother or sister" to assist me getting through this.  Thanx!  
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Are you using the full domain or just abc
k328isAuthor Commented:
I've tried both...with same result
Is your nic properties set to your domain dns server?
Can you ping your DC by name.
Sounds like it maybe a DNS issue
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k328isAuthor Commented:
Hey, that could probably be it (not if front of box right now).  Definitely something to try.  If fact I believe right now DNS IP address for the server is it's own IP address.  I will try that.  By George, you may just have got my friend.  I'll let you know and thanx!

However, there still remains the question of replication.  My thoughts are AD needs to be installed, then replication sends the SYSVOL data over to the new box for logon, SAM, etc...  I could be wrong.  We'll see and thank again.
Once you have it setup as a DC replication will occur on its own
Good luck

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k328isAuthor Commented:
Thanx for your suggestion.  That was the problem...and replication did take place.  Good call.
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