Needed: Packet sniffing component usable under Delphi 7

I am looking for a component usable with Delphi 7 (VCL/.dll/ActiveX etc.) which will provide me with the ability to get process-information (i.e. a process ID) from packets passing in and out of a Windows system, as well as trap and queue both incoming and outgoing traffic. It must be working at Layer 3, since process-specific information is not available at Layer 2.
While it does not need to be open-source (although that's preferable), it would need to have a free license (in that I don't have to pay to use it) or nearly free (as in trivial registration fee), because this is an academic project and I am a student working nights to support myself :)
I have Googled extensively on the subject and found nothing which meets the above criteria, but I'm hoping someone out there knows more than I do.
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shallimusAuthor Commented:
Thanks Ivanov_G; I'm checking it out right now and will post back soon.
shallimusAuthor Commented:
I've tried to Import Type Library|Install this unit but get error message 'A class named TAdapter is already installed.
I believe that TAdapter is native to Delphi; I uninstalled Delphi and reinstalled it just now, so I don't think any Delphi add-ons I installed can be causing this. Any advice please?
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yes, Delphi has class TAdapter declared in WebAdapt unit. I used it without installing, just use the unit. If you don't have WebAdapt in your uses clause, it won't be a problem at all.

here you can find some units:
shallimusAuthor Commented:
Thanks Ivanov; your answers are quick and useful. I don't want to seem like I'm abusing the system by changing the question, but I'm not sure how to proceed. I am used to using Install which creates component icons in the palette. Is there a way to disable WebAdapt's TAdapter so I can Install this unit anyway?
you can also import the type library then rename TAdapter to TPCapAdapter or something like that before installing...
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