Strange behaviour with use right SeMachineAccountPrivilege

I am monitoring the event logs on computer A that has supposely is locked down which is only accessible by user A. In the event log I noticed
eventid: 608 Type:Success A User: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Computer A
Description: User right Assigned:
User Right: SeMachineAccountPrivilege
Assigned To: xxx\USER B
Username: COMPUTER_A$
Logon ID: (#x#, #x#A#)

Would this indicate that USER B is trying to access computer_A or is USER B creating a machine and assigning same computer name to see if user b can gain access. So esstenially what I'm asking is USER B actually breaking into computer_A.

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If a user gets granted the SeMachineAccountPrivileg he has got the ability to add a new Computer to the Domain,
Meening he can hook every pc he wants into the Domain

The eventlog only says that USer B got that right not that he has tried to acess something or so.

but i guess if you can't remember granting this privileg you should checl whats going on there ?

are you the only admin on that maschine or do more users have acess to userA ?

best regards AO

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with best regards AO
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