how can we convert this java to find from bytes - kb,mb,gb (if theres another way im ok with it)

can someone please tell me in how to convert bytes to kb,mb,gb from any bytes number

id like the format of

4 Bytes
4.6 KB
4.6 MB
4.6 GB

that type of output bare in mind it would only be one of them

below is the code i found for java if that helps any

aka Pern
public String getFileSize(long fsize){
     //Set things up
     DecimalFormat   df         = new DecimalFormat("0.00");
     String              sizeType   = new String();
     String          returnSize = new String();
     //Calculate file sizes
      long fsize_kb   = fsize / 1024;
     long fsize_mb   = fsize / 1024 / 1024;
     long fsize_gb   = fsize / 1024 / 1024 / 1024;
      //Pick the right size i.e KB, MB or GB
      if(fsize_kb < 1500 ){
          returnSize = df.format(fsize_kb);
          sizeType = "KB";
      if(fsize_mb >= 1 && fsize_mb < 1000){
            returnSize = df.format(fsize_mb);
          sizeType = "MB";
       if(fsize_gb >=1){
            returnSize = df.format(fsize_gb);
          sizeType = "GB";
        //Return the size of the file with the right units....
       return(returnSize + sizeType);
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Enum FormatMemorySizeUnits
End Enum

' convert a number of bytes into Kbytes, Megabytes, or Gigabytes

Function FormatMemorySize(ByVal value As Long, _
    ByVal unit As FormatMemorySizeUnits, Optional ByVal decimalDigits As _
    Integer = 2, Optional ByVal omitThousandSeps As Boolean = False) As String
    ' simple error checking
    If value < 0 Then Throw New ArgumentException("Value can't be negative")

    ' get the best unit, if required
    If unit = FormatMemorySizeUnits.BestGuess Then
        Select Case value
            Case Is < 1023
                unit = FormatMemorySizeUnits.Bytes
                decimalDigits = 0
            Case Is < 1024 * 1023
                unit = FormatMemorySizeUnits.Kilobytes
            Case Is < 1048576 * 1023
                unit = FormatMemorySizeUnits.Megabytes
            Case Else
                unit = FormatMemorySizeUnits.Gigabytes
        End Select
    End If

    ' evaluate the decimal value
    Dim val As Decimal
    Dim suffix As String

    Select Case unit
        Case FormatMemorySizeUnits.Bytes
            val = value
        Case FormatMemorySizeUnits.Kilobytes
            val = value / 1024
            suffix = "K"
        Case FormatMemorySizeUnits.Megabytes
            val = value / 1048576
            suffix = "M"
        Case FormatMemorySizeUnits.Gigabytes
            val = value / 1073741824
            suffix = "G"
    End Select

    ' get the string representation
    Dim format As String
    If omitThousandSeps Then
        format = "F" & decimalDigits.ToString
        format = "N" & decimalDigits.ToString
    End If

    Return val.ToString(format) & suffix
End Function

JohnnyAuthor Commented:
im getting output like N2 KB

for a value of 3638

shouldnt it be around 3.4k or someplace around there??
really confused
JohnnyAuthor Commented:
i also noticed it rouinds off its not exact
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JohnnyAuthor Commented:
11603 is converting to 2 KB as well it seams this dont work...

it should at least be 11k

go figure
here is a conversion for that java code you gave, it seems to work well:

    Private Function getFileSize(ByVal fsize As Double) As String
        'Set things up
        Dim sizeType, returnSize As String
        'Calculate file sizes
        Dim fsize_kb, fsize_mb, fsize_gb As Double
        fsize_kb = fsize / 1024
        fsize_mb = fsize_kb / 1024
        fsize_gb = fsize_mb / 1024
        'Pick the right size i.e KB, MB or GB
        If fsize_kb < 1500 Then
            sizeType = "KB"
            returnSize = Format(fsize_kb, "0.00")
        ElseIf fsize_mb >= 1 And fsize_mb < 1000 Then
            sizeType = "MB"
            returnSize = Format(fsize_mb, "0.00")
        ElseIf fsize_gb >= 1 Then
            sizeType = "GB"
            returnSize = Format(fsize_gb, "0.00")
            sizeType = "KB"
            returnSize = Format(fsize_kb, "0.000")
        End If
        Return returnSize & sizeType
    End Function

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JohnnyAuthor Commented:
THANK YOU srcalc

works perfectly
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