Customize Crystal Report (resize,add column feature) - 1000 point reward

Hi, I'm looking for a way to do something similar to Peach Tree Reporting Tool for my application in which allow user can resize the column or add more columns to the crystal report at run-time(written in .NET and crystal report).  If you have sample, that even better.  I'm willing to give 1000 point for anyone can help me on this.  Thankyou
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Crystal can do what you desire.  However it comes with a price (currently $199/user) since you will need to use the royalty-required runtimes.

These methods may not work with CR.Net since that version of Crystal is limited in various ways.


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well... for versions 9 and 10 there is the Report Application Server (RAS), which offers COM, Java and .NET APIs.  The report creation and modification functionality can be accessed in there and it's way more scalable than the traditional RDC-based report creation API.  I'm not sure about the licensing structure of RAS though.
For some details check (there are links to sample code in there too).
I've used th RAS API numerous times and I can say it's rather clumsy and it does take a little extra effort to get used to it, but it is very capable of doing some pretty cool stuff.
Good luck.
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