Can several users on a LAN share Outlook calendar(s) and contact list(s) without Exchange (is exchange the answer : ( ?

Several users on the LAN want to be able to have a shared calendar and I want to be able to make add / changes / deletes to a single group contact list that everyone can see - someone new joins the company / gets booted, I want a contact list on each machine in outlook to reflect that change, without going to each machine manually or relying on users to import the info I send out to them.  And then too, each user would have their own contacts list - no one else wants to know my aunt Bertha's contact info!

Is this doable outside of exchange?!  any tips on doing this in exchange?  We have our email hosted by an outside comapny, so we don't need to implement email hosting (don't need and don't want to either - too much headaches?!)

Thank you for your time!
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What version of Outlook is this?

If it's Outlook 2000, then you can use Netfolders to accomplish this.  If it's 2002 or 2003, then check the following site for solutions:


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You should try WorkgroupShare( .   A 5 user license is about $150.00.  It takes about an hour to setup and you don't even need a Server but it is helpful.

I think either one of our answers were viable.  I feel the points should be split.

Computers4usAuthor Commented:
Sorry I never got back here. I was waiting to see if I got a more definitive answer : (

But I do appreciate your help!
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