Outlook 2003 and Cached Exchange Mode Deployment for Roaming Users

Am rapidly approaching the end of my tether with MS's new invention of evil so am hoping that someone here can save me from having a complete strop and merrily flinging my entire test network out of my 3rd floor office window. I have a new network to bring online before Christmas - 35 roaming users that need locking down as much as possible, and that Office installs happily from an admin install point, they can just logon with their login, double-click their neat new Outlook icon on the desktop and they get straight into their email. 2003 server, xp pro sp1 workstations and Office 2003 sp1 - linking up to an exchange server 2000 sp3 at the main site.

My office deployment is working fine except for one most vexing aspect. Outlook 2003.

What I need to be able to achieve is this:
1) A user logs on - all the outlook settings are in place so things neatly open up into shiny new clean mailbox. I need to run Outlook in cached mode for exchange (I think) as 35 users on top of the rest are going to eat the bandwidth into the main site. The users have to have roaming profiles (or redirected folders at least) as they can logon to any pc - they're shift working outreach support workers, so there will be a bank of pc's available to them.  So out of the 18000 various options or so in the Office 2003 custom installation wizard, what do I need to set so Outlook will roam with these users in cached exchange mode, or can't I? Do I need pst's to network shares or not?

This question is worth about 20000 points to me because I'm running out of time on this with all the other stuff I need to do. I know I can't post that many points, but will give as many as I can get away with if someone can help me out with this. Please ask any questions you need, but don't post general links as I can find them myself. Specific links or direct pointers based on experience would be hugely welcome. Thanks in advance,

Deb :))

I have asked this one before in a more general way, but as yet haven't had much joy with definite answers,

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first read this please...i'll be back...

also read this....when u are done u will know that local settings folder in each users
profile is not roamable...which includes pst oab ost files....inorder to achieve ur goal
u must create a network share and relocate those files to that location.......

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Debsyl99Author Commented:
Wonderful! Will test this out on Monday now - although it sounds like the problem - thanks!!!!
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Outlook accesses its PST and OST files constantly which can create a flurry of network traffic, impacting bandwidth much more than simply accessing the server via RPC might.  Using cached mode does cut down on some traffic, assuming the OST file is local, but it's not a huge difference.  Here is some hard data:

Look specificaly at the differences between Outlook via RPC with and without cached mode.

I think you will be creating much more network traffic, by accessing files over the network, than you will be relieving.
Debsyl99Author Commented:
Thanks for that - extremely (big) useful article which will assist with deployment of this. Basically it would appear that if I can't roam the oab/ ost files (and it would appear that I can't and I wasn't planning on using pst's anyway) then using cached mode in this deployment for roaming users will completely defeat the object of restricting bandwidth usage which I pretty much knew anyway. Looks like my best bet would be to let the roaming mapi clients access via rpc with caching disabled, make sure they use plain text and restrict the size of their mailboxes - or use web access? Any comments on this?
Debsyl99Author Commented:
I guess you don't have any comments on this - thanks for your posts though - both useful

Deb :))
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