Trouble using vpn with router

i am having problems using my vpn when connected to the router. when i am connected to the router i can connect to the vpn but i have problems connecting to the server. when i bypass the router and have a direct connection with the cable modem, i connect with no problem and can access the files on the server. i have changed the network to a 10 address since the internal network at the office is 192. i still have the problem of connecting to the server when going through the router. any suggestions on how i can use the router and use vpn? thanks for you help in advance!
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grbladesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your router may have an option to enable PPTP Passthru. Turning that on should fix your problem.
If that does not work try upgrading the firmware on the router and checking it is compatible with VPN.
Hi Rosen500,
What router is it?
What type of VPN are you using (PPTP or IPSEC)?
Rosen500Author Commented:
i am using pptp
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