Routing to PIX VPN


First of all, I know that a PIX is not a router.

My situation is this:

Router A (Cisco 17xx) has a public IP a.b.c.d on Ethernet interface.
Router B (Cisco 26xx) has a public IP e.f.g.h on Ethernet Interface.

PIX A (501) is w.x.y.z outside
PIX A (506) is

PIX B is s.t.u.v outside
PIX B is Inside

Data Center Firewall (Linux running Freeswan and also a router with iptables)
the DCFW is running two VPN's one to Office A, the other to Office B

The issue is that from office A using an internal IP of, we can ping the DC VPN ( just fine, but are not able to ping across to  The DNS is pointing to a server in the DC  Some of the sites that are requested are behind the DCFW, so when going to, it's attempting to use  

What's happening is that the PIX is only routing traffic for through the VPN.  It's routing to the router, that has no idea how to get to the rest of the networks.  

Question is - how do I get the router to pass back to the PIX over the VPN.  Also, how can I tell it to find over at Office B...

I'm assuming I need to tell the PIX to do it, other wise, I'm going to have a nice loop...


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When you set up VPN tunnels (on PIX or other) you define what traffic is "interesting" for this tunnel. That is the traffic that is then sent over the tunnel.
Both ends of a VPN tunnel need to be configured with the same interesting traffic for the VPN.
The other thing to remember for the PIX is that you need to EXCLUDE traffic that you want to gover the VPN from NAT by using the NAT 0 command.

You could also setup a third VPN tunnel directly from PIX A to PIX B, so that the traffic doesn't have to go via your data center (but maybe you don't want this, depends on what control you are wanting).

Hopefully this helps, if you have more specific questions, please ask.

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