"no more connections can be made to this remote computer" from 2000 server

Hi,  I have a 2000 server with maybee 50 or so nodes (2000 pro stations).   the last fiew stations logging in get an error like

"no remote connection can be made to this remote computer at this time..."
then something like "no longer accept server requests"

sorry i dont have the total error, im trying to recreate the error, but its so sporadic.

the licencing mode is "per seat" i hope this helps.

thaks, dan
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Rok BrnotCommented:
Check your shares on server... do you have user limit set on shares ?

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pcavenueAuthor Commented:
wow, i had never even known that was an option, ill look, thanks
how many per seat licenses are there? Number of sessions on the share (user limit referenced by rbrnot) is usually set to "maximum allowed" by default but could have been set to a lower number.

You say the problem is sporadic, is it usually only a problem on busy days or on days when people aren't in the office? busy times or lunch when every1 is out?
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You should contact your reseller and get a license pack, they come in packs of 5, 10, 12, 25, 50 etc...
The max number of computers that can connect to the server at any given time is limited by the number of CALs (Client Access License) you have.
pcavenueAuthor Commented:
fettiqc, where is that "maximum allowed" connection settings thing???  is that in the share properties?

and Elada, i thought each 2000 pro computer had its own cal built in for connecting to a 2000 server.  and if  my licencing is "per seat" dosent that omit having to buy more licences on the server side??

thanks for all your help so far...


Nope, don`t think so.

per seat -  limits the number of machines without limiting the number of users.

per user - limits the number of users, but they can logon from any machine.

"i thought each 2000 pro computer had its own cal built in for connecting to a 2000 server" -
If only microsoft were that stupid :)
I really don`t think that is the case, since it`s not that way in XP Pro + 2003 Server.
And I (as an OEM) can get win2k cal packs, so if they sell em, you prolly need em.
pcavenueAuthor Commented:
thanks for the info, im going over there now, and ill take a look.
pcavenueAuthor Commented:
wow, ive never seen that "maximum allowed" setting, and that was it.  there are diffrent admins working on this server from time to time, and someone must have set this specific share to maxium of 10.  problem solved

to make this easy - share properties - sharing tab - user limit - default is maximum allowed.

im going to split the points between rbrnot and fettiga, rbrnot got it first, but fettiga made me understand it.

i still think 2000 pro, and xp pro have built in cal's the only time ive had to buy them is when i hae 2000 home xp home or 9x stations to connect to a terminal server.  but then again, im the admin who didnt know of the "maximum connections" setting in shares, so im no one to talk.

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