What's the best way to swap the mount points of two partitions?

On my Mandrake 10 server I have /home pointing to a big partition that's sitting unused and a much smaller /var that's almost full. I want to basically swap the mount points so the /home is the smaller partition and the /var is the bigger one. What's the best procedure? (No gui available)
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All of this should be done as root in single user mode. First make a temporary mount point for that /var

mkdir /tmpvar

Now swap the mount points

mount --bind /var /tmpvar
mount --bind /home /var
mount --bind /tmpvar /home

Now your /home is bound to /var and vice versa. Now move all the stuff to right directories. I'd probably try something like this:

tar zcvf /var/home.tar.gz /var/*
remove every homedir from /var
mv /home/* /var
mv /var/home.tar.gz /home
cd /home ; tar zxvf home.tar.gz

Then edit your /ect/fstab to match the new setup.

Try not to get confused with /var and /home. I know I did. Thankfully all this was just a mental rehearse for me.

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billmercerAuthor Commented:
Terrific answer, gave me exactly what I needed. Thank you very much!
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