I demoted my win 2k DC to a member and now I can not get it to rejoin the domain?

After demoting my one and only win 2k DC to a member I ran dcpromo on a new 2k server.  I joined all of my 2k and xp clients to this new domain with no problem.  But when I try to join my old DC to this domain I get an error.  I checked the event log and I am getting DNS errors.  DNS was running on the old DC and I removed it after I demoted it.  DNS is now config on the new DC.  All ips are static and and tcp/ip config points to the new server.  I confirmed this by running ipconfig on the old
DC.  Ping works from old DC to new.  Two questions,  How can I fix this and how should I have done it in the first place?  Thanks.

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I would first check two things:

Is the member server pointing to the new DC as it's DNS server?  I assume that the MS was the only DNS server and was pointed to itself.

You may have to make the MS a member of a workgroup, then join it to the new domain.


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If you are going to install DNS on the old DC make sure that you point it to itself as the Primary DNS.  On your new DC  that has DNS, it should also point to itself for the Primary DNS. So for example, say your new DC's IP is, then in your TCP/IP config, your Primary DNS IP should be  If you are not planning to install DNS on the old DC that you are trying to promote, make sure that it's Primary DNS is set to the IP of the new DC.  It should work flawlessly.  Are you using AD Integrated zones on your DNS server?  What specific errors are you getting in the Event logs?
Thanks Dale,

Glad I could assist.  Thanks for using EE!
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