ListBox Items not Visible

In windows form I just created a ListBox.

Added some items
and so on.

When I run it - these entries are not visible.
I just added a textBox and captured the ListBox1_SelectedIndexChanged event to put the Item's value to the TextBox.  The textBox is getting filled the correct data when I navigate in the ListBox.  It is just that the ListBox Items are not visible.  Looks  very strange to me.

Any ideas will be appreciated.

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Try adding "this." to every ListBox1 reference.

I assume you're adding the items during the Form.Load event, right?

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Glad that fixed your problem.   Just in case the above link every breaks, here is the solution for all you future answer seekers...

I recently installed McAfee 8 and the buffer overflow protection was the
culprit. Once disabled the messagebox behaved normally. Many thanks to
those who pointed this out.
getsudhaAuthor Commented:
Yes that was it.  Thanks a lot for finding it.  
Buffer Overflow protection of mcAfee VirusScan Enterprise ver. 8.0i was the culprit.  I am going to post this to mcAfee, they can change the definition for Buffer OverFlow protection to avoid this.

This was supposedly fixed, but we keep updated with the latest versions (daily) and we still have this problem. The irritant is that most users cannot modify their Buffer Overflow Protection because they lack admin rights. Any idea when this will be fixed by McAfee?
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