Triple DES Encryption


Is anybody aware of any open source code program or DLL implementing Triple DES encryption/decryption algorithm, which can be used to integrate with an application on a UNIX platform?

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First off, you can't use a DLL on a Unix system.

However, check out OpenSSL (, which has source for a whole pile of crypto routines, including 3DES.

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NancyMathew0810Author Commented:
Our backend system system is Oracle. Hence, we used the Oracle's inbuild dbmstoolkit for encryption and decryption. It works very well.
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NancyMathew0810Author Commented:
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NancyMathew0810Author Commented:
That is rude. I am not trying to frighten anybody. I just thought it to be worthwhile sharing what I did. Didn't know it can be taken in such light too.
If your application is using Oracle, and or is heavily integrated with Oracle then yes, Oracle provides some excellent tools. Otherwise across UNIX platforms OpenSSL is the standard. Depending on the needs of your application you might consider benchmarking Oracles implimentation of Triple DES vs. OpenSSL's. Also consider that a encryption algorithims implimentation's speed is often dependent on how well it is implimented on that processor/OS.

If you have a choice of encryption algorithims I would urge you to consider using AES-128. Which is stronger then Triple-DES, and lighter weight in terms of CPU/memory consumption.
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