We have a new telephone system (Avaya) which is sharing bandwidth with our network. Consequently some users are experiencing long logon procedures.  How does one configure the voice over ip setting to rectify this problem?

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The configuration cannot be done on the side of the VoIP system.
I believe that VoIP doesn't share the network without any QoS solution. VoIP is very sensitive to jitter (flactuating latency) so I believe QoS was implemented on the network, thus reducing its capacity for other types of traffic.

QoS can be implemented either as hardware dedication - taking part of the network bandwidth and dedicate it permanently for VoIP or as a software QoS - based on a type of service , i.e. type of protocol, meaning that VoIP packets will get the priority in the Network.

So in case you have problems with logon procedures because of the QoS of the VoIP - you will have to solve it either by adding additional bandwidth to the network or by "fixing" the logon procedure so it won't be sensitive to network impairments.

A great solution for testing problems inside the network BEFORE or AFTER deploying a network solution is Shunra VE (Virtual Enterprise) which is able to replicate the network environment of a real Enterprise network into a box and by testing with such a device you would be able to predict or/and analyze problems regarding to network itself and the applications you are deploying in them. (www.shunra.com).

Good Luck.

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Can you clarify what you mean by long logon procedures. How long is "long"? Are you talking about the time taken for the handset to register with the media server after entering an extension number or time taken for a phone to come up after being plugged in.

What phone models are you using and are you using the data port? What switch equipment are you using and are you using different VLANs to separate voice from the data? What are the speeds of the switch ports and any switch inter-connects? Have you configured QoS and applied it to these ports and links?
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