Subsystem Kernal Illegal Tag Operator 0x24 position 1332 1002

I have a client who is trying to print remotely via Windows Remote Desktop. Both PCs, home (printer attached) and office run XP Pro. ATher printer is a HP all-in-one 3200. The conection worked fine when the printer pc (home) was running Win ME.

Now 60% vof her attempts come back with a PCL XL Error, Subsystem Kernal Illegal Tag Operator 0x24 position 1332 1002.

I have tried every driver out there, evry Windows fix and patch.

I cant even find this error listed on HPs' site or turn up anything on Google.

Anyone... Anyone...?
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Does your client maybe have installed the PCL drivers instead of the Postscript drivers?
This may be causing your error.
I did a query on the HP internal web and apparently there is no solution for this kind of error nor a workaround.
When you get an IllegalTag error it could be driver, firmware or application related with no solution specified.

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I agree there is no simple answer, but some IllegalTag errors have been fixed by using PCL5, so it's worth a try.
mojopojoAuthor Commented:
We tried the PCL 5 driver (dumped the 6) and it appeared to work... for about 2 days. Not a fix.
I now believe that it may be an application problem. The user prints all of her docs and reports through an app called ProLaw. These are the problematic print jobs. With the PCL5 driver everything printed from Word, Excel and Outlook print fine. ProLaw's support has no solution for me (nor will they admit ProLaw is at fault).

So, seeing how this is an old HP All-In-One anyway and they have always proven to be a hassle (at least in networks I have worked on lately) then I'm going to recommend a new printer and hope that solves it.

Thanks everybody.

I'm gonna pass the points around as it appears that this was a dead-ender. Thanks again.
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