want a program to monitor the network traffic (download.. upload) for each IP ?

is there a program let me monitor in graphical representation the network traffic.. and the bandwith (upload .. download) for evry IP connected to my NICs.. ???
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In Windows under admin tools open performance monitor. Click the + and add your NIC. Best of all it's free, well included at least, nothing is truely free.

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1. MRTG on Linux or PRTG on windows (http://www.paessler.com/prtg/?banner=GoogleContentPRTG4)
2. Norton Internet Security statistics (those are good : show traffic per protocol and per connection)
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Hi 3ezz,

Not sure how big your network and what all features you need.

I have used Bandwidth meter http://www.wizard-soft.com/meter/ in my PC
For good network management use, Orion from SOlarwinds , Netcrunch and Whatsup gold.

I have tried all the above and I am really impressed. 30 days of evaluation should be enough to validate and get impressed with them

You could try ethereal http://www.ethereal.com/ it is a free network analyser and will show you want you and more!
All of the above besides MRTG, PRTG are mornitoring traffic on 1 PC not the network (besides the case when this PC is a gateway to Internet). MRTG, PRTG are able to monitor the traffic on the whole network.

Ethereal captures the traffic and you will be able to analyse each packet - not really friendly interface for me, but its still a nice sniffer.
what, precisely are you trying to accomplish 3ezz? you reference upload and download of each IP which indicates we're looking for an internet monitor for your network. but then you say NICS, which would imply your only trying to monitor one PC and what traffic is being handled on that single PC. What exactly are you trying to do?

a program for single-PC monitoring AND CONTROL is netlimiter. it can put bandwidth limitations based on application, IP address etc.

a program for network control is Websense it installs on a monitor-server which is plugged into a intermediary hub between your network LAN and your gateway device. because the monitor "sees" all the traffic through the hub it can perform stateful packet inspection & interupt unauthorized traffic (corporate users wasting bandwidth) by presenting itself to the user's PC as the requested server and return an access-denied page. Similar products include SurfControl and Esafe

A program for single-PC monitoring ONLY is the included netmon.exe that you can install from your OS cd. it should be listed as an optional networking componant.

Once again, we are all just guessing at what you're trying to accomplish, a little bit more information would help narrow down our responses quite a bit.
hi. go to http://www.etheral.com! it's free and that's a good one!
I misspeled it. The right link is http://www.ethereal.com/
3ezzAuthor Commented:
thanks alot
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